We are updating constantly high-quality made-in-China home decoration products at our website. At the same time, we make the lowest prices of these products, comparing with these prices of same or related products at Amazon and ebay.  But we can not provide free shipping service, because all products are send from factories in China, and international shipping cost is a little expensive. We also try to reduce your buying cost as we can, such as provide some discount in some marketing campaign.


We have to tell another drawback of international shipping service. International Shipping time is a little long, about 2-3 weeks, and sometimes, the service is not stable, because of weather, season and politic reasons. For example. Because of COVID-19 in this year, a lot of international flights were stopped. For an example, it took about 2-3 months to arrive a client in USA, when we send a packages using Air shipping service.


Shipping Charge

We are using China Post international SAL shipping service, which is a kind of Airmail shipping service. This service can deliver packages to almost all countries in the world.


As for shipping Charge, we provide the example of CN-USA as the following. (SAL)

1kg as a unit, initial weight:104.6CNY, additional weight:51.1CNY, Limitation of a parcel:30kg 

5KG package shipping to USA with Air Shipping:

104.6*1+51.1*4=309 CNY(about 44USD)


Please full use of your shipping cost, because its price unit is 1kg. That is to say, you have to pay the price of 1kg, when your package is less than 1kg.


As you have noticed, the price of initial weight/1kg is about 15USD, and the additional weight/1kg is about 7USD. So you can buy more items in a time to reduce shipping cost. And we also provide some discount as we can.


Shipping Regions Setting

As for shipping Regions setting, we choose main counties in North America and Europe, such as USA, UK, France, Russia, etc.,

You know, this website is an independent online shop website, not a famous online shop platform such as Amazon and ebay. And we can not invest a lot of money at marketing, there are not so much visits.

If you countries is not in our shipping regions, please contact us, we will provide the related quote according to your order items weight.



Aug 4, 2020

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