USB Charge Electric Long Handle Rotating Bath & Body Brushes Waterproof Facial Face Shower Brush Devices With 5 Brush Heads Deep Cleansing


BTR10: 29USD/unit

Name: Long Handle Rotating Bath & Body Brush

1unit=1 Long Handle Rotating Bath & Body Brush +5 Brush Heads



Product Dimensions : 37cm*3.5cm
Material: PC+ABS
Charge time: 1.5-3 hours to be fully charged


1.360 degree deep cleansing of your skin with 5 different attachments to clean and exfoliate your skin. Enjoy a radiant glow while making your creams and moisturizers work better.
2.Suitable for all skin types,soft for general cleansing, exfoliating for deep cleansing, silicone for sensitive skin, and pumice for calluses. travel case make on-the-go storage and travel simple and stress-free
3.Handle length can be adjusted freely,Remove makeup, dead skin, blackheads and whiteheads. Suitable for all skin types, even for sensitive skin. can adjust any head so as to adapt to your skin needs.When removing the brush head, hold the body with one hand and hold the brush head with the other hand and pull it out with force. When installing the brush head, press the brush head to the card slot until it makes a sound, indicating that the installation is completed


Safe Package of 1 unit : about 0.7kg


USB Charge Electric Long Handle Rotating Bath & Body Brushes

Colour: White
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