Purple Clay Teapot/ Pear Shape Teapot, Chinese tea Gongfu ceremony Teapot


TAC02: 89USD/unit 


Name: Pear Shape Teapot

Clay: Red Clay

Size: 9.5cm(L)*7cm(H) about 100ml

1unit : 1 teapot

Safe & Gift Package of 1 unit : about 0.8 kg


YiXing purple clay /Yixing Violet Sand Earthenware

Yixing violet sand earthenware is the most famous pottery made using violet-colored sand, a local material with a hard and fine texture, dark colors, and used for exquisite workmanship. Different mixing techniques and cooking temperatures results in works of a variety of colors such as azure, chestnut, dark red, pear yellow, vermillion purple, crabapple red, light grey, greenish black, and more.

This most iconic of Chinese pottery boasts varied shapes and delicate combinations of lines and planes. Two major designs exist, including imitations of certain natural objects such as fruits or flowers. Major products include tea sets, flower pots, and others, with tea sets being the most famous. The earthenware is fantastic for maintaining the scent of the tea while infusing, and the color of the liquid during storage. On hot days, tea does not spoil if sitting in a violet sand tea set, and the material allows such that it holds heat but does not burn the hands. Of them all, the violet sand tea set was named the king of tea sets around the world.

Premium Handmade Purple Clay Teapot/ Pear Shape Teapot

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