Meet Chinese Teas/10 Famous Chinese Tea


TAC05: 69USD/unit (Super-grade)



Name: Huang Shan Mao Feng Tea

1unit : 10 teas(480g) and 1 suite of gongfu tea ceremony tea set)


Safe & Gift Package of 1 unit : about 2 kg


10 famous Chinese Teas


Green Tea:

Long Jing Tea + High-mounatin Yunwu Tea


Oolong Tea:

Tie Guan Yin Tea + Da Hong Pao Tea


Black Tea:

Jin Jun Mei Tea + Lapsang souchong Tea


White Tea:

Fuding White - Gongmei Tea


Scented Tea:

Jasmine Scented Tea


Dark Tea:

Pu-erh Ripe Loose Tea + Tea Fossil of Pu-erh Tea

Meet Chinese Teas/10 Famous Chinese Tea

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