Stovetop Safe Glass Kettle With Cups & Tray


LVR03-A1: 20USD/unit

Size :24*28mm, about 50g

LVR03-A2: 25USD/unit

Size :30*96mm, about 65g

LVR03-A3: 30USD/unit

Size :30*128mm, about 81g

LVR03-A4: 35USD/unit

Size :30*160mm, about 96g

LVR03-A5: 45USD/unit

Size :30*192mm, about 104g

LVR03-A6: 60USD/unit

Size :30*320mm,


Unit Quantity: 10 items

Material:zinc alloy

Finish Type:Brushed Brass

Gift Package Weight : 1unit about  3KG

Golden Cabinet Pulls/ Modern Cabinet Hardware

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