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Name: Bao Hao Yin Zhen Tea

1unit : 240g  ( 240g of tea)

Safe & Gift Package of 1 unit : about 0.8 kg 


 Name Báiháo yín zhēn / 白毫银针
Region Fuding, Fujian
Manufacture Air-dried white tea
Style Full budset with downy hairs
Flavor Smooth, sweet, soft
Aroma Clean, floral
Liquor Pale silver
Brewing Brew numerous short infusions at 70-75 C. Drink plain.


Silver Needle White Teas are only produced in the Chinese Fujian province of southeast Mainland China and no where else in the world.  Silver Needle White teas have long been the finest of all teas and consist of the very most tender leaf buds.  These buds are hand plucked in the fields right after they begin to develop, but before they have had any time to open into leaves.
It is actually the origin of modern white teas in China. Most Baihaoyinzhen is produced in two towns in Fujian Province: Fuding and Zhenghe. They pioneered the production of Baihaoyinzhen in the mid 19th century and have remained the sole producers of this special tea.


The name Baihaoyinzhen means ‘white fur, silver needle’. It vividly encapsulates the appearance of the tea. The tea leaves are thin like a needle with a layer of white coat on them. There is a special silver sheen to the leaves, thus ‘silver needle’. Each tea leaf is about 3 cm long. When brewed, the leaves all stand up vertically like hundreds of needles, constructing a unique visual experience. There is also a layer of fine white coat floating on top of the cup, almost like fog.
But the appearance and taste of Baihaiyinzhen vary depending on whether it is from Fuding or Zhenghe. Fuding is famous for tea with a thick layer of white coat, which tastes young and refreshing. Zhenghe on the other hand produces tea with a thinner layer of white coat, which tastes warm, smooth and very fragrant.
The harvesting of Baihaoyinzhen is a painstaking process. Tea cannot be picked on rainy days or early morning when there is still dew on the leaves; leaves which have experienced any kind of damage are discarded. Only the finest, healthiest tea buds are picked.


How to Brew Silver Needle White Tea:
Begin by placing 2 heaping tsp. of Silver Needle White Teas in your pitcher for each 6 oz. cup, always use only the freshest water and heat it until steaming briskly but not boiling.  Allow to steep for 3-4 minutes.  You will soon begin to notice the fragrance which is very light and often referred to like smelling newly blooming flowers. The color will be very light yellow and so pale that you will think that you did not steep long enough.  But you have and now you see how Silver Needle White Teas arrives at its name.
For first time Silver Needle White Teas drinkers and even those more seasoned drinkers, find that it is a wonderful and  likable tea. It is much more mellow on the taste buds and also the stomach than its cousin the green tea family and even if brewed with high temperature boiling water  the taste will not be bitter. You will find it a very agreeable drink and very simple to make when you have the right tools.

Fuding White Tea --- Bai Hao Yin Zhen Tea(Small Cans)

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