Electric Razor for Men, Type-C USB Quick Rechargeable Electric Shavers for Men, Fast-Charging Cordless Face Shaver with Pop Up Beard Trimmer


BTR17: 16USD/unit




  • Rated power: 5W
  • Rated voltage: 5V
  • Material: ABS,Metal
  • Blade: Stainless Steel
  • Operation Type: Electric


3D Independent Floating Cutter Head This razor has three sets of independently floating cutter heads, which add 1/3 shaving area than the ordinary double cutter razor. The cutter head has a smooth touch and elastic veneer to adapt to different face contours.
Ultra-thin Double Ring Cutter The knife net blades are double-loop design, which greatly increases the knife net and face contact area, and the shaving efficiency is doubled.
ESM Smart Shaving System 5W high power, powerful power, low noise control for a comfortable experience.
Intelligent Anti-pinch When the battery is low, the razor can keep the cutter speed constant and avoid the low-speed clamp.
Charging for 1 Hour, Using 2 Months Ideal for traveling
Split Design The cutter head assembly and the fuselage are separately designed. When cleaning, the cutter head cover can be pulled out and put into the water for rinsing. After washing and drying, the operation is simple and convenient



Safe Package of 1 unit : about 0.3kg


Electric Razor for Men

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