Bone White Porcelain Round Plate 5 Pieces Set



KTW16-A1:  8USD/unit 

Size: 7 inches plate (18cm/D*1.8cm/H)

KTW16-A2:  12USD/unit 

Size: 8 inches plate (20cm/D*2cm/H)

KTW16-A3:  14USD/unit 

Size: 9 inches plate (23cm/D*2.2cm/H)

KTW16-A4:  18USD/unit 

Size: 10 inches plate (25cm/D*3cm/H)

KTW16-A5:  27USD/unit 

Size: 11 inches plate (28cm/D*3cm/H)

KTW16-A6:  30USD/unit 

Size: 12 inches plate (30cm/D*3.3cm/H)

KTW16-A7:  55USD/unit 

Size: 14 inches plate (36cm/D*3.6cm/H)


1unit= 5 pieces

Material: Bone White Porcelain

Safe and gift package weight: about  2-5kg


Bone White Porcelain Round Plate 5 Pieces Set

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