Industrial Pendant Light  Black Vintage Hanging Pendant Lights Retro Lamp Fixtures for Kitchen Home Lighting Decor 2 Pack


unit: 2 pack of Pendant Light

Safe Package of 1 unit : about  4 kg


LVR33-A1: 49USD/unit 

 Size: 30cm/D*30cm/H +120cm 

LVR33-A2: 45USD/unit 

 Size: 35cm/D*23cm/H +120cm 

LVR33-A3: 29USD/unit 

 Size: 32cm/D*15cm/H +120cm 

LVR33-A4: 45USD/unit 

 Size: 35cm/D*15cm/H +120cm 

LVR33-A5: 45USD/unit 

 Size: 31cm/D*27.5cm/H +120cm 

LVR33-A6: 45USD/unit 

 Size: 36cm/D*15cm/H +120cm 

LVR33-A7: 39USD/unit 

 Size: 35cm/D*23cm/H +120cm 

LVR33-A8: 45USD/unit 

 Size: 40cm/D*27cm/H +120cm 

LVR33-A9: 29USD/unit 

 Size: 22cm/D*14cm/H +120cm 

LVR33-A10: 45USD/unit 

 Size: 35cm/D*22cm/H +120cm 



Material: Metal
Light source: not included
Buld type: LED 
Wattage: depends on E27 bulbs
Irradiation area: 3-5 square meters
Voltage: 110 - 220 volts

2 Pack Black Vintage Hanging Pendant Lights

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